Merchant Banking

Our principal investment business deploys the firm's capital either alongside our clients or with partners in investment opportunities.  Such transactions can be structured as debt or equity or a combination and include stock lending, asset finance and asset-backed lending

Merchant Banking

James Stocks & Co is a new bank providing classic merchant bank international financing activities using traditional values.

We cover foreign corporate investing, foreign real estate investment, trade finance and international transaction facilitation. We may issue letters of credit or transfer funds internationally. Our specialisation is classic merchant banking involving investment in projects involving trade of one form or another.

We participate in select direct investment opportunities and special situations whether this involves investing directly in private or public transactions for both liquid and illiquid investments. We have a highly experienced team who can undertake deal origination, analysis and research. We can suppliment this team with our international network of professionals and founders we can provide solutions wherever required and syndicate participation, if needed

As a general rule, investment banks focus on initial public offerings (IPOs) and large public and private share offerings. Merchant banks tend to operate on small-scale companies and offer creative equity financing, bridge financing, mezzanine financing and a number of corporate credit products. While investment banks tend to focus on larger companies, merchant banks offer their services to companies that are too big for venture capital firms to serve properly, but are still too small to make a compelling public share offering on a large exchange. In order to bridge the gap between venture capital and a public offering, larger merchant banks tend to privately place equity with other financial institutions, often taking on large portions of ownership in companies that are believed to have strong growth potential.