It is important to act now to get the support you need.

We have prepared a downloadable table (below) which includes the 11 government support schemes available to businesses along with the conditions attaching to each:

1. Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS)
2. Coronavirus Future Fund
3. Coronavirus Bounce Back Loan
4. Coronavirus Large Business Interruption Loan Scheme
5. Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS)
6. Kickstart Scheme
7. Sick Pay Support
8. Business Rate Support
9. COVID-19 Corporate Financing Facility
10. Coronavirus Local Restrictions Support Grant (LRSG)
11. Start up Loan (SULS)

If you would like to apply for any of these support schemes or discuss the financial needs of your business with one of the James Stocks team, please get in touch using the our contact page here or by Phone:  020 3815 3290


As trusted advisers to businesses, large and small, we will be by your side until a turnaround plan is implemented and success assured.  We will give guidance and support drawing on our experience and insights helping companies to weather a crisis, optimise resources, develop options and execute “return to profit” plans.

There are three key elements to any turnaround. In order, these are: Stabilise, Identify and Deliver.


Speed is essential to deliver a successful turnaround.  Immediate steps are to review both the actual cash position of the business including payments which must be made to keep the “wheels turning”, and forward looking cash flows and related assumptions.  In tandem with these actions it is vital to understand the attitude of the Company’s lenders/funders/insurers towards the business and the turnaround plan.


All board and management team members need to put on the table the reasons why the business is in crisis and steps to return to stability. Having identified and verified the “why” management must decide the “how”, being the route back to profitability. This, at some point, will involve hard decisions and management must not shy away from these.


No turnaround is pain free and the ability to implement measures without hindrance has to be clarified. Implementation includes agreeing KPIs against which the performance of the plan can be measured and, if required, amended.

The structural form of any required reorganisation, or “downsizing” strategy including necessary consultation processes must be built in to the plan and timeline

Plan implementation requires close teamwork involving stakeholders and advisors. Clear communication with employees, creditors and suppliers including regular roundtables and reporting meetings, are essential.

How James Stocks & Co Helps

James Stocks & Co can advise throughout the process including sourcing working capital to enable the business to trade through the turnaround phase whilst also leading the structural aspects of the turnaround, and negotiations with lenders/creditors. This will include a leading role in executing any related M&A and/or divestiture planning and delivery.

James Stocks & Co is only one call away. Remember, we will not leave your side until the mission is complete.

To find out more, please get in touch using the our contact page here or by Phone:  020 3815 3290


Coronavirus has caused upheaval to us all, in our personal and business. Successful businesses have faced revenue and cost challenges, reduced cash flows, disruptions to their supply chains whilst managing teams online. While other businesses have been successful but face the challenge of finding capital to support rapid growth.

James Stocks & Co does not shrink from the challenges businesses face. Whether it is access to capital, strategic advice, insights or access to corporate finance services the team at James Stocks & Co is ready to help, whether you need to:

Source short term and emergency funding, including CBILS 

We have a successful track record of sourcing capital including short-term bridge funding, debt funding, long-term funding, permanent equity capital or emergency funding. We have successfully secured Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) funding for clients. Testimonials include:

“Our bank manager said that your figures and presentation played a huge part in swinging it in our favour”.  Director, knowledge based business.

“ I would like to offer my sincere thanks. Your vision, positivity and capability helped us to win this”.  MD, global design consultancy. 

The scheme has been extended to 31st January 2021. 

Optimise cash realisation on exit

With a potential increase in capital gains tax looming, it may be prudent to accelerate the timing of the sale of a business.

Restructure to strengthening the balance sheet

We have helped clients to refinance indebtedness that needs to be rescheduled and sell assets to generate needed liquidity.

Seek strategic advice for your journey from survival to growth

Challenging times bring about a reassessment of the drivers of a client’s business and in some cases the entire business model. Strategic thinking is required to find and build a route forward.

Our strong track record, sector knowledge and operating experience equips us well, to advise businesses, in all of these areas.

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 James Stocks & Co provides strategic advice to public and private companies, sovereign entities and governments regarding business strategy and utilisation of assets to fund growth, infrastructure and other programmes.  Where appropriate, this advice covers public policy, operations and EuStat compliance as well as regulatory and financial issues.

Within the public sector this advisory service focuses on corporate actions with sovereign or government counterparties.  This work covers the following sectors: infrastructure projects, real estate (including housing), medical and healthcare as well as outsourcing.

In providing these services James Stocks & Co provides equity and debt issuance, debt and balance sheet restructuring, project management and strategic advisory services


Our Merchant banking team provides advice and capital to clients whether based in the UK or throughout Europe. Such advice can involve mergers and acquisitions, financing, restructuring and growth transaction funding.

These services are provided to a broad range of clients including: governments, institutions and corporates. We are sector agnostic but have a track record in real estate, infrastructure, Government funding, technology media and telecommunications and investment funds.


We provide our clients with a tailored, reliable and sustainable perspective on all relevant topics. This includes IPOs, capital increases and private placements. Our team also focuses on the origination and structuring of debt solutions for corporates.


We act as trusted advisers to: corporates, SMEs, real estate groups and owners of illiquid assets. We provide liquidity and alternative capital solutions across the capital structure. Our expertise is in providing concrete and bespoke solutions through focussed advisory capability and targeted fundraising processes. We have longstanding relationships with many institutional investors across all sectors ranging from alternative lenders to growth capital providers and special situations funds.

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